April 27, 2018

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Terra Care – Total Property Care and Maintenance

One of the most common complaints about hiring landscape companies that we hear from our New Hampshire prospective clients, and even some from Northern Massachusetts, is their frustration in finding one company that does everything well. One landscape service may cut lawns beautifully, but they don’t prune shrubs correctly. Perhaps they have a lawn maintenance contractor who cuts your lawn every week, but they don’t manage the lawn sprinkler system. Another company must make seasonal adjustments or perform a simple irrigation repair as a separate service call.

It is in the attention to details like these that we really set ourselves apart from other landscape services in the area of landscape maintenance. This is why we offer our “Total Property Care” landscape package.

Communication is the key. It is true that no one person is an expert at everything. At Trimmers Landscaping, we have experts in every division and we host regular cross-training meetings within the company at our Londonderry facility. This enables the specialists within their own division to teach the others what to look for as they are visiting our clients properties. For example, our lawn maintenance crew leader may learn from our horticulturist the proper way to prune back a tree without damaging it, or our lawn care expert alerting the irrigation crew about turf diseases that are caused by overwatering. We believe that communication within our operations is critical to running a first-class landscaping maintenance company.

Different clients, different needs. Some clients enjoy our Total Property Care package because they want a beautiful yard but don’t have the time or the interest in maintaining it themselves. Trimmers Landscaping provides detailed management in all areas of landscape maintenance for home owners. We are fortunate to have such talented and experienced team members to meet all the needs of a commercial or residential landscape client.

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Not all of our clients require such an extensive program to manage their landscape. Many New Hampshire residents own lawn tractors and they enjoy cutting their own grass. They might simply need some leaves cleaned up in the fall, fresh mulch spread on their planting beds in the spring, or just maintain their irrigation system seasonally. We are happy to provide any of our services √† la carte, in whatever capacity our clients’ require.

Regardless of how regularly we visit our clients’ properties, all of our customers receive the value of a well-rounded company keeping an eye out for issues or taking care of a simple issue like adjusting a sprinkler head without having to make a separate service call.

We have several bundled packages for landscape maintenance services that can save you money and keep your property looking great all year long. Ask us about them!