April 27, 2018

Walkways And Patios

Certified Walkway Installers in NH

Walkways and Patios – Choose from a Variety of Styles and Colors

The front entrance to your home is perhaps the most important part of curb appeal. The same holds true for those outdoor areas where you entertain guests. The choices available today for brick concrete pavers are great, with many patterns and colors that blend well in a New Hampshire landscape. At Trimmers Landscaping in Londonderry, we install the widest selection of hardscape material types for front walkways and patios. We can install those concrete pavers, as well as natural clay or Bluestone or granite slabs. We are one of the few landscape contractors who can also offer poured concrete, stamped and colored just the way you like it.

A solid foundation. Installing a walkway in New Hampshire is not like installing a walkway in other parts of the country. With a frost layer extending as much as 4 feet into the ground, it's critical to install the proper base materials underneath. We are certified with the International Concrete Paver Institute (ICPI) which sets the standard for installers and manufacturers to follow. A major part of the ICPI training deals with proper base construction. Being ICPI certified also requires a minimum amount of installation footage and ongoing accreditation courses each year. Installing a walkway or patio with a solid foundation ensures that you will enjoy it for years to come!

Leave the heavy lifting to us. We partner with you by suggesting a layout, style or color for your walkway or patio. After you've chosen what you want, the rest is up to us. We locate the underground utilities (DIGSAFE), excavate and remove all the soil and prepare the base material. We supply install the bricks, and after the walkway is installed, we repair any lawn damage with loam and seed, and also re-route any irrigation necessary. When you hire Trimmers Landscaping for your patio or walkway installation, you are guaranteed of a quick, painless process. We work from start to finish without stopping until the job is done.

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