April 27, 2018

Retaining Wall Installation

Retaining Walls for New Hampshire Landscapes

Londonderry-NH-Retaining-WallIt's no secret that the New Hampshire landscape is not flat. A retaining wall installation project can be an important part of your landscaping plan if you want to get the most use out of your yard. A retaining wall is a permanent structure that will be there for a very long time. When we meet with a client to discuss their landscaping project ideas, we always encourage them to consider all of the options for building a retaining wall.

Natural stone. Although natural stone can vary from blocky New England wall stone to a thin rise Pennsylvania flat fieldstone, there are only two basic ways to install it-dry laid or mortar set veneer. Dry laid fieldstone walls are the most commonly used application of stone retaining walls. Dry laid walls use the side of the stone as the visible face. Mortar may be used just to "tack" the stones in place and achieve a uniform appearance. Mortar set veneer retaining walls need to have a solid wall of concrete pre-poured behind it because the face of the stone is laid vertically and has no structural stability. A veneer stone can be very flat and vary from shape to shape, giving the wall a "puzzle" look to it.

Concrete landscape block walls. For the past 20 years, landscape block has replaced wood timber walls as the most popular material to build a retaining wall with. What used to be very a commercial looking retaining wall product has now become an industry with dozens of manufacturers creating hundreds of unique looking wall products. We can virtually match the color of your house with a retaining wall block color and style that you will love.

Architectural concrete. Trimmers landscaping offers more than the average landscaper in New Hampshire when it comes to retaining wall options. Our architectural concrete division can install a solid vertical concrete wall, carve it and color it to look like natural stone. Our clients like the versatility of having the same look on their retaining wall as they have on the patio, pool deck, or home foundation veneer. What our clients like the most is the affordability of our architectural concrete option!

When choosing a contractor for your retaining wall installation project, be sure to check references and certifications carefully. Ask them to call a previous client who they installed the wall for several years prior. Retaining walls are designed to last a lifetime only if they are installed properly.

Trimmers Landscaping of Londonderry New Hampshire is trained and certified with the National Concrete Masonry Association (NCMA) for the installation of concrete landscape block retaining walls.