April 27, 2018

Perennial Flower Care

Perennial Design & Bed Maintenance Services

Perennial Flower Care and Maintenance

Perennial bed design and perennial flower care is one of those things many New Hampshire landscape companies shy away from doing. For one thing, a landscaper first needs to be able to identify what a landscape perennial is. Weeding flowerbeds or dividing perennials is not particularly glamorous work, but it is essential to having healthy perennial flowers. If prized perennials are destroyed in the process, nobody’s happy.

The decision what to plant where ideally should come from a perennial design, but sometimes most avid perennial gardeners simply move things around, look at them and then move them a little more the next year. Many factors determine the success of a perennial bed including soil structure, moisture, and the overall hardiness of the perennial. Some perennials only last several years and need to be replaced.

Three season color. Most perennials bloom between mid spring and early summer, then again in late summer and early fall. Sometimes it makes sense to mix in some annual color to “bridge the gap” in between bloom times. We can recommend and install the appropriate annual flowers to fill in your flowerbeds according to the blooming time, color, and height.

At Trimmers Landscaping in Londonderry New Hampshire, we have a horticultural team that specializes in planting bed maintenance. Whether there’s flowering trees and shrubs to prune, weeds to pull, or perennials to divide and relocate perennials, or adding seasonal color like annual flowers or spring bulbs, this specialized crew can handle it.

Don’t ignore those unattended areas of your yard any longer! Call us today to meet with our horticulturist!

Flower Bed Maintenance Perennial Bed Design Seasonal Flower Color
Flower Bed Maintenance Perennial Design Seasonal Color