April 27, 2018

Patio Design

Patio Design in New Hampshire

Patio Design Services For Your Landscape

The permanent structures of your landscape, also known as “hardscapes” require careful thought ahead of time not only in the architectural aspect of patio design but also regarding aesthetics and personal taste. We have been installing patios and walkways from Manchester to Nashua and Salem New Hampshire for more than 15 years. Every project involves input from our client. We can make suggestions with regards to the layout, colors and material choices but ultimately the decision rests with the homeowner who is investing in their property.

As a landscape company, we are able to build with many different construction materials. We are certified with the International Concrete Paver Institute (ICPI) for installing concrete pavers. We can build retaining walls out of natural stone and we are certified with the National Concrete Masonry Association (NCMA) for installing landscape block. We can add vertical accent pillars made out of stone veneer or landscape block that can be used for lighting fixtures or simply for style.

We can work with natural stone slabs like Bluestone or granite. If you like the “old mill” look of Manchester, we can install antiqued clay pavers. Our patented architectural concrete can be used to create realistic-looking stone veneers, accents, or stamped concrete patios. We can use one of these hardscape materials by itself or integrate all of them to create a truly unique outdoor living area.

Some things to consider in your patio design are how often you entertain and how large a typical outdoor event would be. When determining the size of your patio consider the 3 foot rule. Allow a 3 foot radius per person, as well as 3 feet from the edge of the patio where nobody likes to stand. If you need more seating, perhaps a few sitting walls made of stone can be incorporated for sitting.

Outdoor Kitchen Contractors Patio Designs for NH Living

Do you enjoy quiet evenings? An outdoor gas or wood fireplace, or a simple fire pit is a fantastic way to unwind at the end of the day. These patio design features can extend your evening enjoyment well into the fall as temperatures get cool. Low voltage landscape lighting can illuminate key areas without needing a glare of outdoor spotlights to see.

When designing your patio, do you like a lot of flowerpots? Consider installing drip irrigation systems in key locations that will automatically water them throughout the summer. Planning these things out with the patio design ahead of time and planning for them during the installation process can save money and prevent disappointment later! We always install a PVC sleeve pipe underneath walkways, just in case access is needed in the future.

If you plan to cook a lot on the grill, and you’re thinking about a gas fireplace or log assembly, this can all be plumbed together so that you are not continually changing the small propane tanks under your grill. Or, if you do a lot of entertaining, an outdoor kitchen may be the way to go.

If you’ve looked at your yard and wondered what you could do to expand your living area outdoors, you’re on the right track. Call us today at Trimmers Landscaping to open up a world of possibilities for you!