April 27, 2018

Organic Lawn Care

Organic Lawn Care Services for Southern New Hampshire

organic lawn care in NHHomeowners today are concerned more and more about the impact of chemical fertilizers on the environment. At Trimmers Landscaping, we have risen to meet the challenge with our organic lawn care services for our Southern New Hampshire clients.

A different approach to “green.” Nitrogen is the component of lawn fertilizer that makes the lawn green. Synthetic (non-organic) nitrogen affects the atmosphere when used in large quantities, impacting the global nitrogen exchange cycle. Organic lawn care programs reduce the amount of synthetic nitrogen applied to lawns to make them green.

Most screened loam is “dead soil.” Screened loam used on New Hampshire lawns today is a blend of sub soils, sand and mineral rich components with very little organic matter in them. These top soils are essentially “dead,” in that they lack the living bacteria that naturally processes organic matter and converts it to a useful form of nitrogen for the lawn. This is why the typical lawn in New Hampshire requires synthetic fertilizers to boost them with nitrogen artificially.

Soil structure is the key. Organic nitrogen is slow releasing, so it’s important to have active microbial bacteria in the lawn to break it down. At Trimmers Landscaping, our organic lawn care program is unique. Before we apply any organic fertilizers or organic lawn care products, we first condition the soil with our special blend of compost. We assume the soil in your lawn is “dead” and lacking the beneficial bacteria to process organic fertilizers-so we add a small amount incrementally over a three-year period. Aside from the beneficial bacteria, our custom blended compost is pH balanced for lawns and holds moisture better than screened topsoil, helping your grass to develop deep roots to reduce stress during hot summers.

We are a landscape company in New Hampshire. Because of this, we have the advantage of getting your soil right first, then providing the other organic lawn controls to give you a healthier lawn, and give all of us a healthier planet!