April 27, 2018

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Having a healthy lawn is not always simple. Every lawn is different. Trimmers Landscaping lawn care services division out of Londonderry New Hampshire uses a variety of methods to get your lawn looking beautiful.

It all starts with a good foundation. Residential yards in new construction areas are often cheated on the depth of quality loam. This can create a lot of weed problems, especially if the lot is sandy. The first step to improving any lawn is to provide a full 4 inches of compost-loam. We use a special blend of decomposed plant material and screened topsoil in all of our installations. The compost provides living bacteria that helps the new grass absorb nutrients faster and establish quicker. A thick lawn is the best deterrent for weeds. Depending upon your own yard’s condition, we may recommend removing the top layer and regrading, or simply top dressing over the existing grass with our composted topsoil.

Irrigation is a very important¬†factor in controlling weeds. Weeds have the advantage once the moisture of spring is gone from the air and the heat of the summer sets in. Our irrigation maintenance program offers mid-season adjustments to your irrigation system. As your lawn requires more water in the summer, we will adjust your controller to meet it. We also install “smart water” features into the irrigation systems that we install.

You may have enough water being applied to your yard, but a thick thatch layer will prevent that water from getting down to the grass root zone. This will stress your turfgrass in the summertime. Trimmers Landscaping turf care program monitors the thatch layer in your lawn and will remove it if necessary so that your grass can make better use out of the water from your lawn irrigation and nutrients in the fertilizers we put down.

Trimmers Landscaping also offers organic lawn care services to our clients. Organic solutions can be tricky in New Hampshire. We have cool season turf grasses and a short growing season. Treatments like milky spore disease for controlling grubs take several years to establish because of the short season. Crabgrass and Clover are difficult to control with organic measures.Organic lawn care treatments inevitably have a small percentage of weeds and requires patience to get the results. Applying the cultural practices of good topsoil, adequate watering, and thatch management will greatly improve the success of an organic lawn care program.

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