April 27, 2018

Irrigation Systems

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Irrigation System Installation – Lawn Sprinkler Systems

Irrigation systems or automated lawn sprinkler systems are the best investment you can make in your landscape! Your grass will be green throughout the summer and your trees and shrubs will grow twice as fast then if they did not have regular watering. As a landscape company that provides planting and new lawn services for all of southern New Hampshire and northern Massachusetts, you can see why our irrigation division is a very important part of our company. We have been installing irrigation systems from the beginning.

Irrigation systems save water. You would think that watering your lawn every day is wasting water, but actually it’s just the opposite. Once a lawn has dried out, it takes a lot more water to re-saturate it. Manually watering with a hose-end sprinkler wastes water because inevitably the homeowner forgets to move it in a timely manner. Your lawn sprinkler system is controlled with a state-of-the-art timer that allows for variations in watering times, amounts needed depending on the area of your lawn, and it can be programmed for odd or even days in case a city water ban requires it. Rain sensors are standard equipment in all of our irrigation system installations.

Irrigation Lawn Care We set it, you forget it.Trimmers Landscaping offers full-service maintenance for existing landscape irrigation systems, whether we put them in or not. Our irrigation system maintenance can include starting your system in the spring and replacing any broken heads or faulty equipment, mid-season adjustments to watering times, and irrigation system blowouts in the fall.

Repairs too. Sometimes your irrigation system can be damaged by snowplows or lawn equipment. We are trained and certified in many different brands of lawn irrigation products. Our irrigation service crew can be dispatched within 24 hours to fix the problem. We can also add to your existing zones if you have areas in your lawn that burn out or you are extending your lawn. Do you like to have potted annual flowers on your porch or around your patio? We can add a micro drip watering system with a designated zone that will water your annual flowers automatically so they never dry out and look beautiful all summer.

If you don’t know who installed your irrigation system or you’re not sure if it’s being taken care of properly, don’t hesitate to call our irrigation division in Londonderry New Hampshire and set up a free consultation today!