April 27, 2018

Fine Pruning

NH Tree and Shrub Pruning Services

Fine Pruning:  Ornamental Tree and Shrub Pruning Services

Maybe it’s because it is in the name, but Trimmers Landscaping seem to get a lot of calls for shrub trimming. Southern New Hampshire residents are always looking for a landscaping company who offers fine pruning of shrubs. When they’ve called Trimmers Landscaping, we are happy to say they have found the pros!

For years we have recognized the problem with small tree and shrub maintenance services. These fine pruning services simply don’t exist! The choices for many homeowners in New Hampshire who want their shrubs pruned are either hiring a tree company or a lawn maintenance company who also trims bushes. What they often find is that the tree companies in New Hampshire specialized in removing large trees and tend to shy away from smaller pruning projects. Landscape maintenance companies often times do not understand the way shrubs grow. They attack them with shears, creating a green shell that is dead in the middle but flushes out new growth on the tips that has to be cut off every year the same way.

They missed the memo that shrubs do not grow like grass!

Proper pruning techniques take more time per shrub initially, but eventually the growth slows down to a more natural pace, and the plant begins to take on its natural form. While it’s true that some shrubs will tolerate shearing, many shrubs like Rhododendrons or Azaleas should never be sheared.

NH Tree Pruning Service At Trimmers Landscaping we always try to provide a natural pruning alternative to our clients.  

A shrub that has been selectively hand pruned has growth inside as well as out, and an open branching structure that allows airflow and prevents disease. It maintains a balance of flowering buds so that you always have some seasonal color when the shrub is in bloom.



Not only that, but being “up close and personal” with the shrub allows our Horticulturist to inspect for any disease or insect problems that need to be treated.

We are not limited to small trees either. Our aerial lift can remove hanging limbs as high as 50 feet of your property without damaging your lawn. It gives us the ability to shape large hedges as well.

Our Ornamental Tree and Shrub Care program can be implemented as part of your overall landscape maintenance package, or can be provided as a stand-alone service. Ask us about it today so you can have the healthiest, best looking trees and shrubs in New Hampshire!