April 27, 2018

Architectural Concrete

Architectural Concrete contractors in NH

Architectural Concrete-Poured Concrete Veneers

One of the advantages that we have as full-service landscape contractors in southern New Hampshire is our ability to work with a variety of masonry products, especially poured concrete in architectural applications. What this means is, if you have a certain look in a certain color in mind for stone veneer, but the high cost of natural stone veneer or brick facing is prohibitive, we can provide a highly durable concrete retaining wall, stamped concrete patio, or foundation veneer using our patented Architectural Concrete process. This is especially popular for pool decks around in-ground swimming pools, front entry walkways and steps, outdoor fireplaces and fire pits for your patio areas.

Stamped concrete. Technology has come a long way to improving the look and durability of a poured concrete patio. With stamping patterns and raised textures and an unlimited choice of colors, poured concrete patios have become popular again. More cost-effective than brick pavers and virtually maintenance free, we are pleased to offer both options to our clients who are looking for a patio, pool deck, or walkway. Our unique concrete coloring and patching process can dress it up

Indoor applications. Our architectural concrete product will adhere to many building materials. If you are refinishing your basement or remodeling your home and would like the look of stone, we can create countertops, stone facing around a fireplace or bar area. Adding stone veneers to your interior design adds an organic richness and depth to rooms where you entertain. And it costs a lot less than you think!

Concrete Veneer Steps Stamped Concrete Patios Outdoor Kitchen and Bar Countertops
Concrete Veneer over Steps Stamped Concrete Patios Outdoor Kitchens and Bars

Basement floors too? What can you do to dress up a concrete floor in the basement or garage? Moisture and condensation can present a problem for many types of tile flooring. Paint is likely to peel and become a maintenance hassle. Our unique concrete coloring and etching process uses a patented acid stain that can dress up a drab basement floor to look like a colorful concrete inlay.

Precast concrete steps. They aren’t particularly attractive, especially as they begin to age. You may think think the only solution to dressing up your front entryway is to remove the precast concrete steps and install a natural granite stair system. At Trimmers Landscaping, we have another option. We can go over those steps with our architectural concrete product at close to half the cost of natural granite steps. Because of its fantastic adhesive properties, this architectural concrete will fasten itself to many different building surfaces.

Don’t be mistaken, we love natural granite steps! If granite steps are what you want, we can certainly do that for you. But, isn’t it nice to know all the concrete options that Trimmers Landscaping can provide for you?