April 27, 2018

Summertime Landscape Maintenance Primer

Summer Landscape MaintenanceAbout this time every year, most landscape maintenance companies in New Hampshire shift their focus from mowing and mulching maintenance to hardscapes like patios and retaining walls. It’s no different at Trimmers Landscaping.

From Independence Day weekend through Labor Day, our construction crews are cranking out new landscapes as fast as our landscape designer creates them. With all of these exciting projects going on, it doesn’t mean that landscape maintenance comes to a screeching halt. This is when our clients depend on us the most to keep their yards looking good – while they are enjoying their summer.

Here is a quick landscape maintenance primer for summertime:

Turf care. As the grass slows down, lawn weeds accelerate. Grubs are on the move. Lawn fungi like red thread and dollar spot can appear if it is a wet summer. Our lawn fertilization techs are staying one step ahead of the summertime turf issues.

Weed control. A good layer of bark mulch does wonders for controlling weeds in the planting beds. It also helps retain valuable moisture to the root zones of trees and shrubs. If this was done in the springtime, weeds usually aren’t a problem. Our maintenance crews will periodically pull out weeds as part of a maintenance contract.

Shrub pruning. Perhaps the most obvious yard maintenance item in mid to late summer is shrub pruning. This is where poor pruning practices become obvious. While shearing shrubs is an accepted shrub trimming practice – and sometimes the only option – it’s not the best option. At Trimmers Landscaping, we are educating our clients on the benefits of natural pruning. While the initial cost of pruning it naturally is higher, over time, the end result means a slower flush of growth and less to remove in subsequent years, as the plant begins to take on its natural shape.

Some lessons of life are sometimes learned the hard way. Preventative landscape maintenance practices save money in the long run. Homeowners often realize the benefits of mulching after the weeds have taken over their landscape plants. There is an acute interest in natural pruning after the shrubs are up over the windows. Not to worry! At Trimmers Landscaping, we have done our fair share of reconstructive pruning and reclaiming lost shrub beds. And fall is a forgiving time to restore the lawn back to its former glory.

So relax and enjoy your summer. But give us a call to schedule a consultation with our landscape maintenance specialist to see how we can keep your landscape looking great all summer long.