April 27, 2018


About Trimmers Landscaping

Trimmers Landscaping, Inc. of Londonderry New Hampshire was established in the mid 1990's. In 2011,  Eric Skinner developed Trimmers Landscaping’s 14,000+ square foot office and warehouse space just south of the Manchester/Logan Regional Airport in Londonderry, NH.  This facility was built with an eye for the environment, wildlife and efficiency.  2.5 acres of the land has been designated to the conservation of the endangered Eastern Cottontail Rabbit;  the double retention rainwater washing drainage system;  the building's solar gain positioning; and the reclaimed rainwater is used for the irrigation of the lawn and plantings.

In addition, the automated weather activated water conservation system, super insulated building, this industrial facility was built with the environment in the foreground.  With many displays at the location and many more to come, this site will become a customer-oriented landscape facility, a rarity in the industry. 

Through work with other local businesses, Trimmers is reducing its environmental impact and increasing its support of the local economy. Trimmers stays active in the community through programs such as Beautify Londonderry and the YMCA.  Through donations to the school systems, towns and the Girl Scouts among others, Trimmers feels closely tied to its community.