July 23, 2014

Preventing Lawn Fungus

Controlling lawn fungus in NH

As a turf care service in southern New Hampshire, one of the most difficult things we find to control is lawn fungus. One of the reasons is because the varying conditions that make lawn fungus thrive are best control with cultural practices. That is, taking care of your lawn differently in the summer months will […]

Weed Free Gardening Tips

Weeding Without Herbicide

Keeping Planting Beds Weed-Free Without Herbicide Losing the battle against weeds in your planting beds can be very discouraging. Once weeds gain a foothold, it’s very difficult to reclaim the planting bed that you spent time and money on to beautify your yard. Now, this blog post may sound like the beginnings of a Roundup® commercial – but, […]

Bark Mulch Blower


Trimmers Landscaping has purchased a large-capacity bark mulch blower from Finn Corporation. The BB-816 model is a truck mounted unit that boasts a 15.7 yard hopper and 200 feet of 4”diameter hose. “We are very excited about adding this piece of equipment to our fleet,” comments Eric Skinner, the owner of Trimmers Landscaping. “Springtime in […]

Landscaping Company Londondery NH

Trimmers Landscaping in Londonderry New Hampshire is a full service residential and commercial landscaping company. We have recently moved to our new location at 3 Aviation Park Drive in Londonderry, New Hampshire.